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When I was living in Memphis TN, Our gated community Westbury apartments theessayclub.com where more IT professionals living and usually we/roomates uses club house Laundry service. 

Most of the time machine would be down and no patience to call customer service because it does not feel me to call and fix rather wash my clothes, often same situation same situation every time.

Some thing I thought instead of calling some other method or process should be there to notify that moment I drew a diagram.

and started researching and development and into IOT .

Senthil Sivasamy


18 yrs of IT technical experience and 5yrs of automation experience in IT with strong background of cloud / architect and development experience.


viswanathan Rajendran

Business Advisory

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Megha Malya

Embedded Developer 

B.E. in Electronics and Communication Engineering

Mohamed Azharudeen.M

North America IT Marketing Manager

Past 5 yrs in IT Staffing and Job portal marketing experience in NA region.

Tarun IP Patent Lawyer and his team

Tekhsol embedded software company india and his team.

Banana pi / Raspberry pi embedded company china.

AT&T / Amazon/ Google – Tech support.

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