Complaints Management System   

This is to manage various complaints pertaining to  service needs.

It is designed and developed using IOT (internet of things) to handle new way of handling customer service.


 Complaints management system to manage various complaints pertaining to malfunctioning equipment and service needs.

Residential complexes as well as similar multi-dwelling units such as hotels, hospitals and the like have a variety of equipment to provide various services to occupants /residents. Such services include plumbing, electricity, security, fire alarm, laundry and the like. Some such services also offer revenue generation opportunities. For instance, an apartment complex many times has a central laundry that uses coin operated machines. Residents operate/ switch on various laundry machines such as washers and dryers by putting coins into them whereby such machines run for a pre-determined amount of time


  • As is to be expected, various equipment in an apartment complex may face breakdowns and other operational problems. A lift may not work, a plumbing fixture may get choked up or develop a leak, an air-conditioner may stop working etc. Typically, the residents (users) of the apartment complex are provided a ‘complaints register’ which is a notebook in which they can enter their complaints. The register is looked into at intervals by a nominated person (usually a manager or a functionary from the Residents Welfare Society who then forwards the complaints to concerned personnel for necessary action. For instance, a plumbing complaint gets forwarded to a plumber while a lift non-functional complaint gets forwarded to a lift technician, and the like. As can be appreciated, this approach is highly inefficient as it may take hours and even days for a complaint even to be received by concerned personnel.

Vending Machines

Allow customer to raise a complaint , restock request and feed back

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Laundry Service

Customer now can select type of service they required,

  1. Drier not working
  2. Washer not working
  3. No Detergent
  4. Water spills.
  5. Happy with the Service.
  6. Needs Improvement.

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Hotel Services

  • Room clean
  • change Bed cover.
  • clean toilet
  • refill stocks (Napkins, soap, trash clean)

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Customer Input Improves Business and Reduces Loss!

Customer experience in service sector impacts business growth.

Measuring issue by giving space to customer for interaction with service provider by means of easy way.

High volume of tickets can assess the quality of service agent or machines 0r facilities.

more insight will be made visible to management.



  • Reduces call center agent
  • Improves business process
  • Prevents Business loss
  • Quality control.
  • Insight data and governance of the service.

Who can use?

  • Hotels
  • Laundry service
  • Apartment complex.
  • Public facilities
  • Industries
  • Business/corporate office.

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